Content delivery made easy

Get out-of-the-box CDN, load balancer, TLS, HTTP2, and more.
Gain full control with a single YAML and granular logs.

Reverse proxy & CDN
could be easier

Skip networking setup

Skip static IP and load-balancer configuration when starting your web application.

Install our client and connect your backends to Exogress edge gateways.

Get robust CDN config

Enjoy faster TLS handshake, HTTP2, and caching appropriate content on the Edge servers near your clients.

Define complex content delivery rules in a single YAML config.

Open-source, written on Rust

Part of the code is open-source and written on Rust - one of the most secure, efficient, and loved programming languages. Find us on GitHub .


Hassle-free plans with no hidden costs.
See detailed pricing for the Standard plan 



Per Month

1GB of traffic per day
10 mins of image optimisation
No card required

Standard, from


Per Month

from $0.05/GB bandwidth
from $0.0075 per 10K HTTP requests
$0.1/hr for image optimization
The total price is based on a combined total of bandwidth, request, and image optimization usage.